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LAHOFER winery, Czech Republic

For wine to be truly delicious, it requires the best care. The production process is very demanding on water consumption, hygiene and proper drainage. That’s why the best winemakers require the best production equipment.
One of the most successful wineries in the Czech Republic is the LAHOFER winery, which manages 430 hectares of vineyards in the Znojmo region.

A new wave-shaped building was recently built at the winery, which harmonises with the surrounding vineyards. Inside is modern equipment provided by ACO.

ACO Products

  • ACO hygienic gullies
  • ACO modular slot channels
  • ACO hygienic ladder gratings
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Project nameLAHOFER winery
BrandLAHOFER winery
InvestorLAHOFER winery
City of installationDobšice
Country of installationCzech Republic
Commissioning date2019
ACO sales organizationACO Czech Republic
SegmentFood & Beverage Industry