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Qmax Neo is a plastic channel with narow durable rail designed for concreting. The method of concreting and reinforcement of the concreted part determines the load class of the installation.

The channel is installed according to the installation recommendations, which are specified according to the EN433 load classes. Load bearing forces should always be considered and engineering advice should be taken into account.

Installation advantages of the channel

  • Lightweight channel for handling
  • Installation without heavy machinery
  • Fixing with the levelling foot allows the channel to be anchored in position
  • The builder is in control of the quality of the concreting and reinforcement

Qmax Neo - heavy duty channel made of plastic A 15 – F 900

Due to the very narrow cast iron top, Qmax is ideal for heavy-duty applications. However, the small drainage slot can also be the perfect solution for visually demanding installations. By combining the existing Qmax family with Qmax Neo, the system can meet hydraulic requirements in the most effective way and provide safe and efficient drainage.

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