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ACO Light oil separators

Light liquid separators, also known as oils separators, ​ are essential devices designed to remove oils and hydrocarbons from water prior to discharge.​

ACO light liquid separators are designed and constructed in compliance with EN 858 standards and undergo rigorous LGA institute laboratory testing. This ensures maximum safety and efficiency during their operations.​

Lighter oils rise to the surface while solids settle, allowing clean water to exit. They find use in industrial, parking, ​and refueling facilities, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.​

Regular maintenance and disposal of collected substances are crucial for optimal function.​

By preventing hydrocarbon pollution in water bodies, light liquid separators contribute to preserving water quality and safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.​


Efficient and space-saving, the light liquid separator Oleopator operates effectively.​ The product range for Oleopator is available in GRP and concrete, both vertical and horizontal versions in nominal sizes 3 to 300.​

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