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HygieneFirst is ACO's commitment to ultimate hygienic performance. We design solutions with cost efficiency in mind but with absolutely no compromise in terms of food safety.

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Why drainage matters?

Drainage systems are a particularly important niche for the persistence of listeria and can be a source of food contamination. Yet drainage is often out of sight and therefore out of mind. At ACO, we have decided to step up and meet this challenge.

How to get more from your production floor?

Effective waste water management via a properly designed drainage system ensures optimal hygiene and also minimises the risks of disruption to production which can be caused by drainage blockages, floods and leaks. When designing your drainage system, it’s important to take a holistic approach to specification.

Leader's opinion

Ari Tanttu (Sika flooring) on reliable floor-drainage connection

Until now, no proper study or research has taken place to investigate the behaviour of common floor-drainage connections and develop a precise design guideline. As a result, Sika – a market-leading resin flooring company, and ACO - a leader in the development and manufacture of hygienic drainage systems, joined forces and adopted a professional and scientific approach to this issue.

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Mario Cvitkovic (Vibrofloors) on the imperative for longlasting floor

Mario Cvitkovic shared his expert view on what affects durability of the floor in food processing facility. Discover why the floor is only as good as the drainage.

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EHEDG members talk about ACO at EHEDG Congress 2016

ACO is proud to be a Gold sponsor of the EHEDG World Congresses since 2012. The EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering & Design is the flagship event of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) and takes place every two years at different locations worldwide.

How to get more from your kitchen floor?

We at ACO believe that drainage is an important attribute of kitchen performance. Good drainage mitigates the risk of bacteria coming into the premises and makes the cleaning process safer and cheaper.

Hygienic drainage design principles

ACO is committed to ultimate hygienic performance. We design solutions with cost efficiency in mind but with absolutely no compromise in terms of food safety. We call it HygieneFirst philosophy.

Hygienic drainage cleaning performance

ACO is committed to ultimate hygienic performance. We design solutions with cost efficiency in mind but with absolutely no compromise in terms of food safety.

Fraunhofer drainage cleanability research 2016

The research findings of the Fraunhofer Institute IVV Dresden clearly show that the use of ACO’s hygienically designed channel dramatically improves cleanability. Hence, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination and ultimately helping food manufacturing companies and foodservice outlets improve the safety of their facilities and their products.

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ACO Gully

ACO hygienic gully - fixed height, standard edge with protective covers
Standard edge - resin floor
ACO hygienic gully - fixed height, extended edge with protective covers
Extended edge - tiled floor

ACO Channel

Installation of ACO channel with new product features
Installation of ACO channel with new product features

ACO Pipe

Six advantages of ACO pipe

The stainless steel push-fit pipe system is designed for grey or black water. ACO pipe offers 40+ years product life thanks to its material properties. Easy installation and handling on site is ensured by push-fit assembly system and available cutting tools.

Below-ground installation of ACO pipe

Watch the installation guide for below-ground ACO pipe installations.

Ceiling installation of ACO pipe

Watch the installation guide for ceiling ACO pipe installation.

Wall Protection

ACO Kerb

ACO kerb is a reliable wall protection that prevents walls from impacts (200 mm height in rooms with traffic up to 1 ton and 300 mm height with traffic up to 5 tons as recommended by EHEDG), water or chemical ingress, or other damages associated with traffic and production process. It is suitable for any processing area.

ACO LipuSmart - the next generation grease separators

ACO LipuSmart combines four functions in one smart, compact solution: grease separator, sampling unit, overall control unit and lift plant.

ACO Lifting Plants for grey and black water

ACO lifting plants transport wastewater over the backflow level and protect basements from flooding by water entering the sewage system.

Advanced treatment of kitchen wastewater

During chemical-physical wastewater treatment, a flocculant is added the organically polluted wastewater.

Shower channels made in Germany - insights into production

ACO ShowerDrain shower channels are produced in Germany. Take a look at ACO production in Philippsthal.

Installation of ACO ShowerDrain E

Discover the installation and sealing of the ShowerDrain E.

Installation of ACO ShowerDrain E

The new floor system ACO ShowerFloor combines maximum flexibility in every aspect - surface, inclination, lines, surface / cover - with high stability and quick, easy installation. See the installation of the new shower system.

ACO ShowerDrain C - Powerful, robust, easy to clean!

ACO ShowerDrain C is the object channel from ACO Building Drainage and stands for modern design and perfect functionality. The basis is the high-quality stainless steel used to manufacture the shower channel itself, the gully and the design grate. Other highlights of the new ACO ShowerDrain C include its minimum installation height from 57 mm to the top edge of the screed, compliance with all sound insulation levels (SSt I-III according to VDI 4100), the pre-assembled sealing membrane (W3-I-compliant to the German Standard DIN 18534) and free access to the pipe.

No matter what occurs

Climate effects are increasingly extreme. Summer is now characterised by dry periods with heat followed by intensive rainfall and frost periods alternate with positive temperatures in Winter. The weather is unpredictable. This factor has to be considered when planning drainage for flat roofs.