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HDB & Condominiums

Condominiums, or condos, have become a favored housing choice in urban areas worldwide, offering individual ownership alongside shared amenities managed by homeowners' associations. Despite their popularity, condos present challenges. ACO, a prominent water technology company, addresses these issues with tailored solutions in Singapore. Specializing in drainage systems, ACO offers efficient and visually appealing options for common areas, car parks, and outdoor spaces, managing stormwater effectively in the tropical climate. Their eco-friendly infrastructure, including permeable pavements and rain gardens, not only handles stormwater but also promotes sustainability.

Furthermore, ACO promotes water-saving solutions such as rainwater harvesting and reuse systems, which are important in Singapore's water-scarce environment. Their flood management solutions enhance safety in low-lying areas, supplemented by maintenance services and educational workshops, empowering residents in water conservation efforts and elevating sustainability and living standards in condominiums.