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Kitchen & GMP plants (Pharma/ F&B)

High-performing stainless steel drainage products are an essential part of all waste water management solutions. In food & beverage productions, commercial kitchens or any enterprise, investing in quality floor drainage pays off in a long run.

We tackle all the building drainage biggest concerns. From reducing the risk of food contamination to optimizing cleaning costs. We call it the HygieneFirst philosophy, and it stands for our commitment to optimal hygienic performance for every application.

From initial design to final surface treatment, we secure the quality to deliver the optimal hygienic drainage. This approach is applied to every product of our portfolio from point drainage, channel drains, slot drains, drainage gratings, drain covers, linear drains, gullies to all accessories so every building from a winery, brewery, hospital, pharmacy, dairy, food processing factory to a commercial kitchen in a hotel or restaurant has an easy access to an optimal, safe and easy to clean drainage solution that matches the specific requirements of each premise.