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Onsite Welding


Channels with length over 6 m (or 3 m for overseas) are divided into parts due to transportation limits. During installation, channel segments must be connected with a reliable waterproof and durable connection. There are two possibilities how to connect the channels.

  • Welded connection
  • Bolted connection

Welded joints are of course more durable and reliable in comparison to bolted connection. Welded joints are preferred channel connection for applications where maximum hygienic performance is required (high care zones).


The stainless steel kerbs can be delivered in various lengths (up to 3m). The covers/plates are welded together in order to achieve ultimate hygienic performance.


  • Unlimited shelf life connection of the drainage
  • Absolutely reliable waterproof connection - no danger of damaged or improperly installed „rubber“ gasket (sealing).
  • Ultimate hygienic performance of the drainage (where hygiene is an important factor)
  • The only way how to connect stainless steel kerbs


For more details about Onsite Welding, please contact our customer service department at ACO Industries.