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Commercial Kitchen

The invisible ingredients for a healthy kitchen

The wastewater generated by commercial kitchens is rich in fats, oils and grease (FOG) and if discharged down the drain can solidify in pipework and cause pipe blockages. This creates undesirable odours and can compromise cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen. This can create an unpleasant working environment and result in high staff turnover and disappointed customers.

The creation of a healthy commercial kitchen starts with the specification of an effective waste water management system. This system should aid cleaning, optimise productivity and ultimately create a healthy kitchen environment.
A well designed kitchen with an effective wastewater system benefits its customers, owners, workers and the environment in general. ACO offers complete solutions and services which cover the needs of every kitchen and other commercial facilities (facilities including laundry rooms, corridors and sanitary areas.).

Effective wastewater system

Two phase grease separation

Different types and sizes of commercial kitchen require different grease separation solutions. Your choice of grease separation solution will depend on a variety of key specification criteria including the size of your kitchen, the type of food you prepare, the equipment used for food preparation, the contents of your wastewater and the density of the FOG produced.

The industry standard is to protect the sewer network but ACO goes further, and adopts a two-phase approach which also protects the building itself.

ACO’s high performance grease separators and grease removal units are specifically designed to help prevent the build-up of FOG in building piping system and ultimately to prevent fatbergs forming in the wider sewer network. Furthermore, if local codes demand the reduction of emulsified constituents in the effluent, ACO LipuFloc ECO may fit to your product portfolio. This product does not replace a grease separator, it is an addition to an existing gravity separator treating effluent and returning it to the inlet of the grease separator.

More about grease separation

An easy to clean floor and drainage system

Drainage system installed in commercial kitchen should not compromise its cleanability, durability and flow rate to not affect operational cost, health & safety and food safety.

ACO floor drainage product range is developed as cost effective solution customisable in every way for any place in commercial building. We offer freedom in component selection to suit the type and composition of flooring being used, maintenance requirements and budget.

ACO puts Hygiene First

ACO Drainage Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen environments, hot water and grease must be counteracted by more complex and sophisticated drainage concepts. ACO achieves this with intelligent system solutions which address food safety, people and water protection. Every product within the ACO system safely controls the water as it passes along the chain to ensure that it can be hygienically, economically and ecologically handled.