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ACO Multiline

ACO DRAIN® Multiline is based on a system idea which provides advantages for everyone: planners, dealers, contractors and building owners. Five load classes, six nominal widths, three frame designs - an innovative concept. Planners save time during the tendering process because the Multiline system idea enables a high degree of standardisation of the interfaces. Dealers benefit from the extremely tight product range. And building owners are always very pleased about sophisticated solutions for design and construction. Multiline combines creative diversity, high functionality and extreme durability.

Multiline – drainage channels made of polymer concrete

  • ACO Multiline V 100
  • ACO Multiline V 150
  • ACO Multiline V 200
  • ACO Multiline V 300
  • ACO Multiline V 400
  • ACO Multiline V 500

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