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Siltronic Silicon Wafer Fab, Singapore

Siltronic AG is a manufacturer of wafers made of hyperpure silicon, the basis for modern micro- and nanotechnology.

ACO Products:

  • ACO PowerDrain S200K with iron intercept heelsafe grate

  • ACO Hygienic box channel with antislip mesh grate

Installer for PowerDrain S200K:

  • Techgems Engineering & Construction
  • SRK Engineering Pte Ltd

Installer for SS kitchen channels:

  • Choon Hin Stainless Steel Pte Ltd
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Project Name

Siltronic Silicon Wafer Fab


Siltronic AG

City Installation


Country of Installation


Commissioning Date

June 2024

ACO Sales Organization

ACO Water Management Ptd Ltd




Industrial, Commercial Kitchen