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ACO ShowerFloor

Today’s designers prefer not to use conventional shower trays with high edges. The latest design trends require tiled, smooth, flexible and open shower areas, and at ACO, we have developed the ideal solution to meet these new ‘wetroom’ design requirements.

The ACO ShowerFloor base system consists of a solid frame with individually adjustable legs, a carrier plate, and point or channel drains. It is the first carrier system for tiled shower areas which is simply adjustable to all room dimension.

  • Individual sizes can be easily cut
  • Heights and slope angles are adaptable thanks to the designs innovative, adaptable feet
  • The system is supplied ready for installation and can be tiled directly
  • The frame is manufactured from galvanized steel and has stable connecting elements
  • Mounting plate with fleece
  • Individually adjustable feet can be used to adapt the system at the point of installationFeet are acoustically decoupled

Permanent sealing and an effective reduction in sound transmission are key factors for a safe shower area. In addition to long-term sealing, effective sound insulation is a very important factor for user comfort . This applies not only in sensitive applications such as hotels and hospitals, but also in private housing.

Effective sound insulation is achieved with ACO systems thanks to the use of integrated acoustic coupling.

Many different parties can be involved in the construction process resulting in unforeseen delays in the construction and misunderstandings that significantly increase building costs.

When specifying ACO shower solutions, only two trades need to be involved in the process and only one interface between both parties is required.

In addition, no screed-drying is required and, because the product is pre-assembled by ACO, installation is a quick, simple and easy process.

When on site, installation technicians are often confronted with dimensional deviations and plan amendments which can require them to rework measurements and other calculations. The installation of pipes, for example, can be problematic and steps may have to made to ensure the separation of warm and cold water pipes.

This can negatively affect installation height. ShowerFloor can be cut to length quickly and easily, and its height and slope angle can be easily adjusted thanks to the use of adjustable levelling feet.

The specification of floor-level (wetroom style) showers underlines user demand for large showers and the high design standards personified by modern architecture. Floor-level showers fulfil and combine exacting user demands with regard to design, variety and sustainability. There is also a trend towards the specification of large tiles.

This is taken into account by ACO ShowerFloor solutions which provide smooth transitions between the flooring in showers and the surrounding bathroom areas, and create homogenous floor aesthetics with no visual interruptions.