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Drainage system integration

The floor-drainage connection is often the first aspect of the drainage environment that fails. The correct flooring and drain interface needs to be specified in a way which ensures a good connection between the drainage and the surrounding floor. It’s vital that the right interface is specified for type of drainage and flooring required. We consider factors including the dynamic and thermal loading required and the type of flooring material being specified. Working in partnership with flooring specialist, Sika, we have completed a three-year research project which enables us to provide the first evidence-based floor-drainage specification guidance.

It is also essential to consider how the flooring connects with the wall. At ACO we not only provide hygienically designed drainage systems but also a range of wall protection products - ACO kerb, which optimise the hygienic performance of floor-wall connections. Kerb products are designed to protect walls from damage caused by impacts from machinery and site traffic, and to enable factory operators to eliminate water ingress into factory walls, which helps prevent cross contamination between different factory areas and aids cleaning.

Drainage system that is appropriate, correctly designed and fully integrated into your operations ensures production continuity and provides ultimate hygienic performance.

Drainage connection to floor


Uncompromised waterproof system

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