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ACO building drainage products

ACO hygienic gullies

The ACO hygienic gully range incorporates the hygienic design principles to ensure the top hygienic performance. Available in three body sizes, this range caters for various flow rates and construction requirements including shallow construction depths. Fire protective solution is also available for applications where preventative measures are required.

ACO commercial box channels

Ideal for commercial kitchen applications. Commercial channels are designed to optimise cleanability, durability and flow rate in order to minimise operational costs, and help ensure food safety. Fully compatible with hygienic gullies 142. Gratings for load classes up to R50 (EN 1253) available.

ACO hygienic box channels

ACO hygienic channels fulfil strongest hygienic requirements to prevent harmful bacterial contamination. The whole range is ideal for industrial (kitchen) applications where there is a need to retain large volumes of fluid. ACO hygienic channels offer many customization options. Gratings for load classes up to N 250 (EN 1253) available.

ACO pipe

ACO pipe is the ideal system for gray and black water, rainwater and industrial waste water drainage applications. When used with other ACO products, ACO pipe provides a unique, complex building drainage solution.

ACO grease capture

ACO Grease Capture is designed for food service establishments where space is limited and a larger grease separator cannot be installed. Removing FOG before it enters the drainage system and protects against blockages.